Free T-shirt MockUps Dwayne Johnson

free tshirt mockup dwayne johnson

Download this free tshirt mockups Dwayne Johnson, Now you can place any tshirt design on our favorite Hollywood superstar THE ROCK aka Dwayne Johnson.

It is very easy to put your own design using photoshop, even if you don’t have photoshop installed on your computer still you can use this free Dwayne Johnson tshirt mockup using online PSD editor.

The best online PSD editor is photopea, just google it and you will find it on the top. The interface of photopea is identical to adobe photoshop, it is basically a lite version of photoshop, but you can do most of the basic editing.

I’ll guide you on how to use this mockup –

1. First download this free tshirt mockup of dwayne johnson and open the PSD file in photoshop or photopea ( online ).

2. Open the mockup PSD file and then on the lower right you will see the layers panel, double click on the tiny thumbnail of the top layer.

3. A new tab will open where you will the demo tshirt design that you see on the tshirt in the above image.

4. Now import or drag and drop your png design in this layer. Align it in the center and hide or delete the demo design.

5. Click file > save after that close this tab and go back to the original tab, and right there you’ll see your design already printed on the tshirt of Dwayne Johnson.

If you are still unclear, there are several youtube tutorials on how to use tshirt mockups in photoshop. It just takes a few minutes to change the design. I hope you like this free tshirt mockup. If you have any doubt ask in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

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